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Jet Nozzles properly placed will unload formation from around the teeth making the cutter more effective and increasing the ROP

Importance of Proper Jet Nozzle Placement of HDD In-Hole Tooling

Recently, while spending a bit of time on social media (as it pertains to HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling), I found myself looking though photographs posted by various people in the HDD industry. What I found in respect to HDD reamers and a hole-opener design was quite surprising! With all due respect to manufacturers and/or builders […]

Series 45 Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

Introducing the Series 45 Jet Nozzle for the HDD Underground Utility Drilling Sector

In an effort to better serve the Horizontal Directional Drilling utility drilling sector, HDD Jet Nozzle is scheduled to release the Series 45 in September- October 2014. Fashioned after the popular Series 65 design, the Series 45 includes a three-part assembly, e.g., interchangeable tungsten carbide nozzle, threaded retainer, and a nozzle socket (weldment). The overall […]

52" Hole Opener Assembly

State of the art Hard Rock Hole-Openers use HDD Jet Nozzles

HDD Jet Nozzle Assemblies have recently been incorporated with great success into new hard rock, hole-opener designs and shipped to South America for a series of very demanding HDD projects. The hole-openers were designed and manufactured by Cherrington and on a South America collaboration that involved opening HDD holes to 52 inch in diameter, in formations that were predominantly […]

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Jet Nozzles an Essential Part of HDD/Drilling Tooling

  Shortly after the development and introduction of HDD in early 1970 it became the quickly became clear the importance of hole opener design and the use and placement of high pressure jet nozzles. It is sometimes difficult for those entering the HDD industry today to fully appreciate the failures, and subsequent successes that were […]